Monday, July 6, 2009

Who loves FooFoo?

On night I decided I was going to surprise my husband and wear a whipped cream bikini. So, I relaxed in a nice warm tub, along with candles and music to get myself in the mood. He came home so I toweled off and got out the Reddi Wip and started applying to new bikini. As I tried to walk sexy down the hall to the living room where he was the whipped cream started melting off my skin. We have two pit bulls and they eat everything including Reddi Wip. So, here I am, strutting down the hall whipped cream melting off me in chunks and trailing me are dogs licking up every drop that falls like they just got the best treat ever! Not so sexy we laughed so hard we were in tears and didn't even have sex that night. We at least the dogs enjoyed my reddi wip bikini..

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