Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unexpected Christmas Gift

One year for Christmas my mother thought it would be funny to buy me a caboodle box and stuff it with pads being that I haven't started my period yet. Though that wasn't embarrassing enough turning bright red as I open the caboodle box. My brother and I were packing to go to our dads after opening gifts. My little brother thought it was so funny about the pads the he kept making fun of me, as we were walking out the door to leave with our dad he asked "aren't you gonna bring your Caboodle?" I said, " ummm No I won't need it".

Well to my surprise 3 days after Christmas I got a little unexpected gift, yup you know it I should have brought that damn box. Anyways, as I stand in the bathroom freaking out because my step mom is at work and my younger step sister hasn't started hers either, what am I to do? I need something and fast! You may have guessed it, I had to tell dad I couldn't just stand there bleeding. So I get up the courage to wake up my dad and tell him, what does he do? He wants to have the my little girl is becoming a women talk, HELLO I AM BLEEDING HERE!! I need pads not a talk, sorry dad. Finally and light turned on in my head that grandma is downstairs so I went down told her my problem. I got some from my grandma (thankfully she lived at the same house). Hey they were only pantie liners but that held me over until my step mom came home. Needless to say I was embarrassed I had to tell dad, then my little brother found out and for about a two weeks straight ran around sing "Caboodle Caboodle" I wanted to just kill him. Merry Christmas to me!

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