Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Parking!

When I was around 17, I had a boyfriend who also was 18. We all knew that the parking lots of the neighborhood elementary school were very popular places for couples to mess around at night in their cars, since the parking lots were very dark and surrounded by trees and such.. So one night after me and my boyfriend went to the movies, we figured we would go to a nearby school to mess around.

We did this quite often so I was no big deal. I was sitting at the passenger seat and he leaned over on top of me. We took off all of our clothes and were about the have sex. Then suddenly in the darkness, we saw two headlights turning into the parking lot. At first we thought it was another couple who came here to do what we were doing, but we were still very scared since both of us were wearing nothing but each other. So we waited quietly still in position, for the car to leave. But instead of turning off the headlights and starting to do their own business, the car was driving toward us! So we raised our heads a little and took a peek...Oh shit it was the police!! The car stopped right behind us with the headlights shining right at us, we heard the sound of someone getting off the car.

Still in position, still naked, the cop stopped right outside of our window with a flashlight shining at my boyfriends ass. Since it was summer, we didn't have a blanket in the car, and both of us were too scared to reach back and grab our clothes. The only thing I could grab hold of was my shirt, which was obviously too small to cover anything up.

Terrified, we both hid our faces, but the cop just wouldn't go away!! The cop just stood there watching quietly with his flashlight! After a minute or so, the cop finally spoke..."get your clothes back on and go home" he said, but still standing there with the flashlight on, watching us naked! After some 30 seconds the cop finally backed off towards his car and waited until we left. Needless to say we never did that again!

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