Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey There Mr. Waiter

When I was about 15yrs old my parents took us out to eat at this really nice restaurant and we had this really cute waiter. The waiter comes over and gets our drink orders while smiling and looking all good. Embarrassing enough I'm with my folks and a little brother who has no manners at all. So we give him our food order, while waiting for it to be ready my eyes have been following him the whole time, not listening to any of the table talk. The food is ready and he brings it over and starts handing it out. Mind you I am at the back of table so he has to lean over to hand it to me, and what do I do? I lean towards him as well dipping my chest into my drink and spilling all over. I felt so stupid and he looked at me with a huge grin. What a klutz I am... My shirt and jeans covered in coke! I never returned to that restaurant again!

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