Friday, May 22, 2009

It's the Girl in the Hawaiian Dress

A friend and I went to this really popular night club downtown. Once we arrived we paid the $10.00 cover charge and headed straight for the rest room after the long drive. Since we have never been there before we started looking for the restroom upstairs, after getting all the way up the stairs just fine we realized the restroom was down stairs on the first floor. The stairs were so steep and my friend ( we will call her Jill) was afraid of falling, we both had huge chunky heals on and Hawaiian dresses. I told Jill it will be just fine and to follow me! So we started down the stairs and my heal caught the back of the step and there I went sliding down the stairs in the "splits position". Once I caught myself and got up I noticed like four guys at the end of the stairs with drink in hand mouth wide open just staring at me ( well my butt anyways) remember I was wearing a dress and under that a nice little pink thong. Jill was laughing so hard that pee started to trickle down her leg. My leg was all cut from the fall I was so humiliated, I told Jill " I don't care if we just paid $10.00 to get in here or not we are leaving!" I was not going to be known for the girl who biffed it down the stair all night. So we left and headed to Canada, at least there no one would could say " Look it's the girl in the Hawaiian dress who showed everyone her undies". We ended up having a blast in Canada.


  1. LMFAO !!!! I knew it was our story when I seen the picture !!! Ahhh... good times...

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